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GXU Gladsaxe and Gladsaxe gymnasium

In the spring of 2015 Filiorum taught selected pupils from GXU Gladsaxe and Gladsaxe Gymnasium (High School) the Reumert-prize-winning performance “Kvinde Kend din Krop” (Woman Know Your Body) by Mungo Park.


The course was based on customized pre- and post-performance workshops, in which the pupils were introduced to the themes explored in the performance, including gender, body, and power. Moreover, Filiorum addressed the effects of the theatre by for instance teaching the pupils how to introduce themselves and receive an applause. To many this was a transgressive and instructive experience. An audience, who has been primed with such exercises, will never be the same again. Risking your body and soul in such ways is an unusual cocktail for the pupils, who tested each other’s limits through the workshop exercises in modes of replying and representing.


In the post-workshop themes, effects, language, and other elements from the performance were given special attention in for example a number of physical exercises that focused on bringing the pupils back to the universe of the performance.



Clarissa Meister-Petersen, leader of Filiorum, explains: “The purpose of the pre- and post-processing of the performance Woman Know Your Body is, among other aspects, to create a platform for the understanding of the ways in which gender and self-image become significant to one’s identity. Moreover, the performance adds a personal touch to the pupils’ experience by giving them the opportunity to translate the drama they see on stage to their own lives.”

Read the article on the event in Teateravisen


Martin Lyngbo, Leader of Mungo Park, made the following statement on the co-operation with Filiorum: 


"Filiorum turns out to be a knowing, competent, and dynamic partner that positions stage art in the center of the school territory, thereby addressing vital issues in the children’s consciousness. As leader of a theatre, stage director, and as a father, I am extremely enthusiastic.”


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