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Filiorum | Filiorum


Time for Theatre

A framework for attentive presence, sharing time, and stimulating the imagination.

Nowhere else but in the theatre is life distilled live in front of our very eyes. Marionette theatre, spoken theatre, dance theatre, the circus, theatre of the senses, and music theatre. The theatre applies a multitude of effects, and the magical world of the imagination and the subtle artfulness that only three actors can conjure up in a space of 45 minutes should not just be for the lucky few. Filiorum feels privileged to be able to guide children and their significant adults through passages of life affirming stories, vital stories, and thought provoking activities.


Filiorum presents the travelling professional children’s theatres in a subtle artful context, where the performances walk hand in hand with the entire experience. In these spaces universes are constructed around the individual performances and reflected in related activities and inventive concepts. Filiorum’s concept is to provide the children with a stage that can open up their imagination, kindle their joy and smiles, inspire the families to discuss the issues addressed, invite them to think profoundly about links and interactions, question the world as it is, enter the nooks and crannies of sensitive areas of existence, and let the will submit to the supremacy of magic.



Filiorum stages performances for children and young adults between the ages of 0 and 16, and our mission is to make stage art a more frequent event in the daily lives of children of all ages. Filiorum’s vision is not only to inspire children and their significant adults to go to the theatre several times a year. We would also like to motivate the schools to use this art form in their curricula. Moreover, we strive to make it easier for day-care providers, day nurseries, and kindergartens to have easier access to professional cultural events.